Painted Rocks

I finished the rock mirrors!!!!   Mother of God, I am so grateful to say that.  I now have a beautiful bathroom… painted soft gray with a marble looking laminate counter and sinks with pluggy things (installed by the ever-fabulous Dozer) a white tub, cabinets painted a color that makes me think of thunder and photos of penguins (who are all named Mr. Penguin, except that one… His name is Jeff, per my Tugga James) and Antarctica.  Halleluiah… I was starting to think that was the project that never ends.  It needs a new floor, but otherwise, the kids’ bathroom is complete.

I wonder if I would be so creative if I had more disposable income.  Sadly, I think the answer is no… When given the opportunity, I am as lazy as the next guy.  If I had enough money to just pay someone to manage my renovations, two things would have happened.  I would have learned a whole lot less, for sure.  More importantly, I would not have tapped into my creative resources.  Boys and girls… being broke has an upside.  I found myself in creating pretty things… that wouldn’t have happened if I could just write a check.  It’s all a distraction anyway…


Here’s what we’ve learned:  Turpentine will remove spray paint from latex paint without damaging the latex.  It will also remove spray paint from mirrors and gel nail polish.  It stinks to high heaven and is not a recommended practice!!  Also, it is a pain in the ass to glue rocks to mirrors.  Miss Shannon probably needs a higher level of supervision than what she actually has, but I think we may have already known that.  I’m sure this information relates to why I don’t live with other adults.  They tend to cramp my style… who but a child is just ok with it when someone plays arts and crafts with the entire house??  Miss Shannon probably lives alone for a reason.  This is Jeff:

That there is the court of public opinion.  Because there must be something the matter with me, as a forty year old, single woman.  Most people go through their whole lives so worried about what this one or that one will think that they never stop to ask themselves what they think.  Those folks don’t follow their hearts and they end up unhappy because of it.  Run from the squirrel, if you’re of a mind to.  Find a new job, leave the guy who is eradicating your will to live… At the end of the day, it is not going to matter what your parents think, what your friends think or what the cashier at Price Chopper thinks.  Are you happy with your place in the world??  If the answer is no… change what you’re doing.  Glue the rocks to the mirror, hang the questionable art and chase your authentic self.  Nobody on this earth is going to make you happy but you… that includes your man, your mama and your babies.

4 thoughts on “Painted Rocks”

  1. so everyone knows, your mama thinks you are spectacular, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. I do think it will take a man, who is very self confident to co exist with you.

    1. LOL… now you sound like me… coexist. I am just fine, and kind of looking to make a point about letting the opinions of others cramp your style.

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