Charlie Daniels, scary bikers and melanin

Miss Shannon saw Charlie Daniels in concert last week.  For me, his music signifies a time when there was far less stress in my life… Back when Brother Neil was just my erstwhile brother, not the pastor who prays for my immortal soul for a variety of excellent reasons, including but not limited to the fact that I have a couple of sphinx statues and a little Isis bust.  (Miss Shannon is a history buff… I really love Ancient Egypt.  Isis remains my favorite goddess and it irritates the living shit out of me that such a cool chick has had her name pilfered by asshats.)  Charlie Daniels is drinking games like Asshole, Chinese fire drills and my friend Holly, who I miss.  Preachin’, Prayin, Singin’…. Down on the public square.

We rode the bikes and went with friends of Dozer’s… they are very nice people who are way, way above my pay grade.  Being his helpful self, Dozer tried to hook me up with the male half to get my fairly yucky shower redone (Holy Cannoli, dude, do you not know I’m broke??)  Please know that YouTube teaches literally everything and Miss Shannon will master the magic of tile placement by the end of this year.  I did learn that the thing at the bottom is named a shower tray and there is no way around bringing the shower stall down to the studs.  The ugly shower has been good enough for five years, ever since my fantabulous ex-husband cut a hole in the shower wall to change the freaking handle.  Have mercy.  Kind of like the time he cut a hole in the sewer pipe.  God love him, he was not a handy fellow and caused me a whole lot of trouble.  The Devil Went Down to Georgia with the sole intent of making me nuts with that guy…. Lucifer was supremely successful in that endeavor.

Have I ever mentioned that Dozer the marshmallow looks a little scary??  He’s a very large man with a bald head and a pretty good beard… The biker beard sucked me in, because I like my men like I like my coffee… light and not sweet at all.  So this big kid is standing in front of us and Dozer decides to ask him to step off the curb so I can see over him.  That poor kid pissed his pants for the entire rest of the concert while his Ma gave Dozer the stink eye the entire time.  His daddy just sat there hoping Doze wouldn’t hurt them, lol… I actually felt a little sorry for the yuppy boy.  Bikers never scare me… I’ve spent time with the best and worst of that world… watch the probies and the chicks… the guys are never your problem, unless you’re their old lady in which case it could go a lot of ways.  In my situation, you get yelled at in the early morning about socks and other miscellaneous things that don’t matter.

At the end of the day, you know what matters???  The love of a good person, the people around you that count and a really good cheesecake.  All that other stuff us extraneous.  What happened in Charlottesville sickens me.  It’s not about statues and flags.  It’s about a culture of hate that lends itself to the degradation of other human beings because someone doesn’t like their skin tone or some other trait they are born with.   I can’t teach you to be a good person, to harbor a little goodness and mercy in your heart for other humans.  I can ask you to consider looking past the surface… like the yuppies seated in front of us at that concert, shaking in their lawn seats because they decided they feared Dozer.   There are things in this world that should make you quake, but skin isn’t one of them.  Peace on Earth is just beyond the fear.