YouTube Teaches Everything

Single moms, pay attention.  YouTube can teach you to do darned near anything.   You need to install a dishwasher?  YouTube knows how.  Yucky holes where the door used to hang?  YouTube’s got your back.   Need to put in flooring, bake a weird cake, clean out your oven?  Check it out, YouTube will have a three to five minute instructional video.

If, like me, there’s always too much month at the end of the money, this is useful information.  You can honestly fix most anything yourself.  I admit, I choose not to mess with electrical wiring.  There are little useful tips that someone should pull you aside and tell you…. Like…. Plumbing is NOT righty-tighty, lefty-loosy.  Can you even believe it?  That would have been good information before I was an hour into tightening the hell out of a drain pipe I really needed to loosen.

Being honest, it’s always harder to actually complete the task than it looks.  It’s ok to cry.  The pipes won’t mind.

What’s with the name??

Shannon is my given name…. why the heck am I an Irish Gypsy??  It all started with my last redneck boyfriend and his charming mother.  You see, being myself is always a tricky proposition.  It did not end well with the Queen Mother.    I don’t really think it was personal….. I have tattoos, you see.  Did you know that in her day, the only women who got tattoos were gypsies and hookers?  Said out loud the first time I met her and Every. Single. Time.  I ever saw the woman.

Soooo…. Thank you, Cher, for Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.  My daughter, shameless hussy that she is, with that breast cancer butterfly commemorating her grandmother’s life, would hum that to me at blessed events held at his family’s castle.  God knows, I sure as hell was born in the wagon of a traveling show….

And… Well, I’m Irish.