I had a really, really good weekend.  I went to a Halloween party dressed as a Valkyrie with my side kick, Odin.  A Valkyrie is kind of like the Norse answer to the Angel of Death, her job is to decide who lives or dies in battle and escort the fallen to Valhalla.  We looked pretty darned cool, c

urtesy of my friend Mary, who let me profit from her hard work making paper mâché helmets.  Go Mary, go!!  This woman is an amazing artist.  She made a piece for me depicting a lion with a rainbow mane that will grace my walls for all eternity.   I am quite sure there isn’t anything she can’t create!

Today, I took my littlest boy to Fright Fest at Great Escape.  We rode all the scary rides… dear gracious lord, there is a special place in Hell for the guy who thought up the Flashback.  Have I ever mentioned that I’m afraid of heights?  My fear extends to all those who are around me, particularly my Tugga-baloo in the seat next to me.  At the end of the day, he said, “Momma, this was my best day ever.”  I’ll take it.  Between deadlines and commitments (what to leave in, what to leave out) I am always stretched for time and there aren’t enough hours in the day.  My Sunday night housework isn’t getting done tonight, and it’s completely with it to have had this day with my baby boy.

What is most warming my cold, dead heart is the response I’m getting to a Facebook request for winter coats for some of my daycare kiddos.  Not only did one family jump right in with several, people are thinking of it and somebody tagged me in a coat give away.  I am blessed enough to pick them all up tomorrow afternoon and my babies won’t be cold anymore.  Miss Shannon has a policy about not hot lining people because they’re poor.  Maslow’s theory, and blah blah blah, this is a Band-Aid.  Next summer, winter, fall, whatever… I’ll be asking my friends and loved ones to donate God knows what because I’m a single mom with five kids of my own and I can’t just go get it, most of the time.  So… thank you for your kindness, your willingness to put clothes on the backs of children who need your help.

Also, I have a new toy that will make veggies cut into noodles.  Life is good today.  On Vote right next to scary, inexplicably pardoned sex offender day next week, I’m going to vote republican.  I will probably go home and throw up, but it has to be done.  Like the last ten generations before me, I am choosing the lesser of the evils.  Deception, Disgrace… Evil as plain as the lines on his face…. Whatever else you believe… people battled long and hard to create civil commitment units to detain scary sex offenders because they have a 100% recidivism rate.  Our governor is pardoning them, releasing them back into society in order to up his numbers in the polls.  Nothing has changed… I am still a “hippy, dippy, free love, be who you are” kind of girl… I am also a woman who looks forward to a day when my car keys don’t double as a weapon.  That day will probably never come, but I can’t vote for someone who actively works against it.  Vote for whoever you want… but vote.  It really, really, matters.

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